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7 Advantages to Manufacturing in India That Your Boss May Not Know

Written by Andy Reese | November 17, 2016

It's no secret that manufacturing labor costs are rising in China and the talk of alternative manufacturing locations continues to grow. While some manufacturing operations are returning to the U.S. and Europe, others are staying in Asia, and India is rapidly attracting more business.  Yes, there are labor and raw material advantages and an increasing infrastructure, but there are other advantages to manufacturing in India that you can share with your boss.

Here are 7 Advantages to Manufacturing in India:

1. Raw Material Control

Factories in India are sticklers about testing, retesting, and certifying that the raw materials they receive are exactly as they are supposed to be.

2. Engineering Resources

India has engineers. Lots and lots of engineers, and most are bilingual.

3. Quality Equipment

You are apt to find Japanese machines in an Indian factory as the ownership demands quality equipment to manufacture their products.

4. Quality Measurement Tools

Once again factory owners in India rely heavily upon world-class measurement tools and machines (micrometers, tensile, spectrometer, plating thickness/hardness, etc.) that are manufactured in Japan.

5. History

While it seems relatively new for ‘Western’ investments into India, the reality is that India has a long history as being a manufacturing center in Western Asia.

6. Family Factories

Manufacturing factories in India are often family owned and family run. It is not uncommon for retiring fathers to pass their factory down to their children or for a parent to buy a factory for their returning child to run.

7. Careful – Transparent

Factory owners and operators in India take a tremendous amount of pride in their products, and take extra care to ensure what comes off the line is correct. Additionally, there is an inherent level of transparency working in India. The ownership is welcoming and receptive to your visiting their operation.

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[This blog post was originally published in February 2015. Its content and links have been updated.]

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