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"What kind of 'metal' do you guys manufacture?"

Written by Jennifer Catalan | July 11, 2012


We received a great question on our Blog yesterday. “Your website says you manufacture ‘metal’, can you be more specific?” My answer is, “Sure, how much time do you have?”

Here are a few metal manufacturing processes that East West is really good at:

Stamping: From highly automated machines with progressive dies to hand fed, single operation presses, stamping capabilities support a wide range of part sizes and volumes

Casting: Sand casting capabilities for a diverse array of materials, from brass manifolds to iron pots used for BBQ smokers

Machining Cast Parts: Machining of die cast zinc parts to meet UL and other strict 3rd party agency standards

Investment Casting: Mold making and investment casting for parts ranging from a few grams to several pounds, such as a material handling safety device we make

Finishing Cast Parts: Finishing capabilities include tumbling, sand-blasting, anodizing and plating

Aluminum / Zinc Die Casting: Die cast capabilities in both aluminum and zinc alloys, from small precision valve components to larger clamp assemblies used in utilities distribution

High Precision Screw Machining: Contemporary facility with state of the art equipment for screw machine parts

Machining: Machining capabilities include a wide array of materials, such as brass and copper used in HVAC access fittings

Powder Coating: Promotional game stand made from powder coated formed tubing meets high quality standards of major corporate customers

Stamped Steel Tooling: Durable, precision tooling is required to support high-volume stamped parts, and tooling is normally guaranteed for the life of the project

Welded Wire: Wire forming and welding capabilities for applications ranging from ties used in building construction to rings used for dairy crate reinforcement

In process QC: This is so important. There’s no sense making anything if it’s not going to be right! Tight in-process Quality Control Processes insure that machined and plated coupling matches exactly with complex mating parts

I think the real question from our customers is, “Do you have the capabilities to make my components.” To that I say most likely. Give me a call – I’m happy to discuss that with you. If you are considering going offshore, make sure your manufacturer is highly trustworthy and competent. After all, the future of your business is at stake.



Jeff Sweeney, EVP/CMO East West Manufacturing, Atlanta, GA 404-252-9441