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Case Study: East West Customer Portal Actually Saves the Day!

Written by Andy Reese | June 18, 2015

A self-service customer portal can actually keep your supply chain from avoiding disruptions.  It’s true and I’ve seen it work first hand.

A customer based in the Southeast United States logs into their dedicated customer login page to access their open and shipped Purchase Orders.  Reviewing the orders vs. delivery dates vs. demand, it became obvious very quickly that a gap developed. Below is an excerpt from a email our customer sent their customer service rep:

“I realized that I’ve spaced the SHIP DATE of PO #775-91007 about 60 days too far. I should have posted the Arrival Date to be July 15. I’ll obviously edit the remaining PO’s in accordance with our forecast, but I wanted to notify you first to see if your factory could move the ship dates up. I apologize for this error. I’ll await your response on this, many thanks!”

Innocent keystrokes on delivery dates could put your supply chain into panic mode.  A good manufacturing partner can assist with demand planning and blanket purchase orders.  It takes a true partnership to ensure all pieces of the supply chain puzzle are connected correctly.  It’s not a “them” responsibility, it’s an “us” obligation to the wheels greased and moving down the right tracks.

Need a Packing List, Bill of Lading, or daily update of your in-transit product? A top notch customer portal should allow you the option to print or download these documents – perhaps allowing you to upload right into your ERP.

Great news for PO #775-91007.  We worked with our customer, pushed up the ship date, and delivery will meet demand. Thanks technology for saving the day!

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