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5 Qualities to Look for in the Ideal EC Motor (ECM) Manufacturer

Written by Mary-Kerstin Hassiotis | May 31, 2016

You wouldn't let just anyone babysit your kids, and you shouldn't let just anyone manufacture your EC motors either (they are precious cargo too)! When seeking an ECM manufacturing partner, there are several factors to consider and a whole slew of question to ask before diving into a serious commitment. We explore some of the most critical points below.

  1    Trust                                                                                                                           

Trust is an essential factor in any serious relationship, whether personal or business-oriented. Here are some initial questions you should ask about a prospective ECM partner to decide if it's smart to proceed with the relationship: 

  • Can you trust them?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have patents, a history, an actual office address?
  • Is their website current?
  • Does the deal seem too good to be true (possible red flag)?
  • Are they simply a wholesaler, or are you dealing with the actual manufacturer?
  • Are you communicating with a legitimate email address, or salesguy183@hotmail.com?
  • Do they have references you can contact?
Use your best judgment here. If your gut is telling you something is off, then do some serious research before sending money via Western Union.

  2   Transparency                                                                                                            

It can take several years to build a robust, reliable network of suppliers. Transparency is crucial to building trust with your manufacturing partner. Without an open-door policy, doubt can begin to creep in, which is toxic for any relationship and can quickly quash any previously established trust. Here are some important questions to ask about your prospective partner: 

  • Are they really transparent? Exactly how transparent are they?
  • Are you welcome to visit their offices, warehouses, manufacturing facilities?
  • Is their supply chain opaque and murky by design? 

  3   Technical Expertise                                                                                                 

Obviously, you need to work with a manufacturing partner who has design experience, expert problem solving skills and a highly knowledgable team. Here are a few questions to ask to get a better feel for their level of technical expertise when it comes to EC motors: 

  • Do these guys appear to know what they are doing?
  • Can they send legitimate samples of products they are currently producing? 
  • Do they have the technical know-how to understand CFM, airflow, blade pitch, constant speed vs. constant torque, and clockwise vs. counterclockwise rotor rotation?
Building an EC motor that will (1) deliver desired results and (2) prove durable for several years requires a unique skill set of advanced motor design and airflow engineering. Do you want to work with a team who can offer the lowest price but lacks the knowledge to design an EC motor to suit your particular application? Yeah, we don't either!

  4   Scaling Capabilities                                                                                               

Long-lead items excluded, how quickly can your EC motor partner scale up when your products begin to gain market share? This concern may not even be on your radar yet, but it's important to understand the true volume capabilities of a potential manufacturing partner and have confidence they will be able to handle a quick scaling-up when the time comes.

  • What flexibility can this supplier offer in terms of volume fluctuations?
  • Do they have the capacity to make 10,000 units per month instead of the usual 1,000 monthly units should your demand suddenly spike?
  • Are they willing to meet the expectations your customers are asking of you?
Here are your options: you can opt for a vendor, the cheapest guy in town, or you can build a relationship with a strategic partner who offers you savings and technical expertise while taking the extra steps required to meet your fluctuating demand.

  5   Good Quality Track Record                                                                                

Regardless of how trustworthy, transparent and knowledgable your supply partner is, if the quality is sub-par, nothing else matters! Place a high priority on understanding and verifying a manufacturer's quality standards and procedures. 

  • What is the realistic longevity of their EC motors?
  • Have they created a global quality plan? If so, will they share it with you?
  • Do they have a quality manager you can meet? 
  • Are they able to produce accurate life testing results?

How can you be certain you're dealing with an EC motor partner who values quality as much as you do? Simple. Just ask! Ask to see the plan, the documents, the APQP, and the supplier reports. Otherwise, what assurance will you have when your boss asks, “Are these guys qualified?”

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