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The Power of the Private Label...

Written by Jennifer Catalan | August 17, 2012

Is it right for you?

Private labels are on the rise as companies attempt to improve their bottom line and create a loyal customer base. Generating your own product line is one of the best steps in building your company brand. Retailers, like Costco, are experiencing huge success with Kirkland, their private brand, and it is not all about price. They strive to find a better value products that offers a high standard of quality. There are numerous statistics that show consumers are purchasing more private labels brands as the “store brand equals cheap product” image has almost completely faded away. Manufacturers see the same success. Private label now offers value and quality!

So what are the benefits of private labeling?

  • Increase customer loyalty as they return to buy your brand specifically
  • Increased profit margins
  • Ability to offer a lower price point
  • Control of your brand imagine
  • Elimination of direct price comparisons
  • Higher perceived strength of your organization

Your relationships with your contractors will be key in getting your private label off the ground. They will purchase the products that you recommend. East West has been very successful in manufacturing private label products (plastic - injection molded, metal, electronics, assemblies, and motors) in China, Vietnam, and India that are of the highest quality and can stand up to the national brands, so you can rest assure your consumers will be satisfied.

East West can provide graphic design services to implement your new private label packaging as well as assist in creating your marketing materials. If you are considering private label as an option for your manufactured product, please let me if we can help.


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