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Happy New Year! An East West Holiday Recap

Written by Jennifer Catalan | January 08, 2015

We hope 2015 is off to a great start for everyone! As promised, we wanted to share a follow up post from the East West Holiday celebrations last month. Our day spent giving back to the community felt great and we hope we made a positive impact on those at the Belmont Village Senior Living Facility as well as for our "adopted" family! This year we had our day filmed by the wonderful videographer, Nathan Lee. Check it out below!

As we mentioned in our last post, Scott divided the company into teams and each team was challenged to create a video to be shown during our Christmas party. You'd be suprised how creative our left-brain thinking team members are! It was so much fun to see each team's video and laught at along with everyone. Scott declared everyone a winner as it was clear that each team but a lot of time and effort into making their video! Here is our Operations Team video:

Our CEO and Executive Vice President even took on the challenge! Made as a spoof from a Jimmy Fallon video, Scott and Jeff showed the team one of their secret talents:

If these videos aren't a great way to showcase the culture at East West, I'm not sure what else is! Our team members love to have fun and give back!