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Matt French Named East West MVP!

Written by Jennifer Catalan | February 26, 2015

East West Manufacturing continues to grow and our corporate values remain as important as ever. Each quarter the East West team nominates one person as the EW Most Valuable Person or "MVP." The MVP should be someone who exemplifies the East West Values and sets an example to all on how to live and work by them. The MVP winner receives his or her photo displayed in our "Wall of Fame" as well as exclusive rights to display the coveted MVP trophy award, in addition to a cash prize.

We're excited to announce Matt French, Senior Account Manager for Engineered Products/EMS at East West, as the new EW MVP for the first quarter of 2015! Matt has been with East West for over 5 years and is highly thought of by his team members. Once you get to know Matt, you start to see that he has an incredible sense of humor! All of our other MVP's have demostrated the same pose for their "Wall of Fame" photo, but not Matt... He even brought in his own props! Matt has set the bar high for the next EW MVP's photo! 

Here's what the EW team had to say about Matt's contribution to East West:

"Matt is a unsung hero of East West!  He meets prospects, massages them through the funnel, on-boards them as a customer, and services the heck out of them from launch into years of production.  Collaborative, integrity, quality, respect, support = Matt."

"Matt French continues to be a true champion for our customers; even in the face of some internal pressure to delay schedule, increase prices or de-commit on special requests.  He drives the internal teams to hold to their commitments."

"Matt is always willing to go above and beyond to help out his coworkers. His support to the team means a lot and is greatly appreciated."

"Matt French deserves to be MVP because he's great at his job. He somehow manages to keep up with all the new projects, even current ones and treats our customers and SBU's with the utmost respect. He is a great team player and a pleasure to work with!"

"Matt is always willing to help solve a problem, and always seems to have the answers at his fingertips. His relationship with customers is vital to the continued success of our partnerships with them."

"Matt has done a fantastic working with our customers and earning their respect.  He can be relied on to follow through with their requests and he is accountable for getting results.  He knows how do deliver news when it is not what the customers want to hear and he has a talent for managing expectations."

Congratulations on your well-deserved award, Matt!