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Motors 101: How do a SP, PSC, and EC Motor Compare?

Written by Jennifer Catalan | June 11, 2015

Looking to learn more about the different types of motors out there and which one may be right for your business? Anthony Dickson, VP of Engineering at East West, give us a quick intro to Motors 101. In the video, Anthony will cover three of the popular types of motors:

  1. Shaded Pole Motor
  2. PSC Motor
  3. EC Motor

Here are some quick takeaways from what we learned in the video:

Shaded Pole Motor

  • The cheapest motor due to the older design and technology
  • Typically used for light ventilation applications

PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) Motor 

  • Most commonly used motor
  • A capacitor is usually used to help run the motor
  • These motors can run either single or multiple speeds.
  • A PSC motor is usually 40-60% efficient, meaning you're only going to get about 40-60% output power from the motor

EC (Electrically Commutated) Motor

  • The smartest motor currently available
  • More expensive motor but you gain high efficiency
  • Typically has a printed circuit board inside to get feedback on its environment
  • 70-82% efficient and can see ROI within a year

Curious to see if EC motors are right for you? Download our free case study here.

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