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March 05, 2015

Post Chinese New Year Hangover

Across many countries in Asia the long Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday (known as Tet in Vietnam) celebrations are over and factories are getting ready to crank back up.

It’s like coming back to work after the long Christmas/New Year’s break in the US.  That first Monday can be daunting.


So imagine how it must feel for the 260 MILLION who have trekked back and forth across Asia, first to home to see family, and for most to return back to work.

Chinese New Year officially ends on February 25th this year, which means the proverbial hangover hits the US in late February/early March this year.  If you work with a contract manufacturer who has been down for CNY, or Tet in Vietnam, you’ve had some time to clear out your inbox, catch up on shipping documents, and maybe even catch your breath after a very busy pre-CNY supply chain juggle to keep customers up and running during the world’s largest holiday.

Like so many of our customers they want to know what can I expect after the shutdown?  Here are few things that you should definitely expect:

  • Some percentage of workers do not return back to work.  They have been away for nearly a year and once they back to their village some decide to stay.
  • Factories take a day or longer than expected to get back into full production. There are some people who get reassigned job duties and some systems take a day or two to get cracking back to full capacity.

The aftereffects of Chinese Year Year can be minimized if you partner with manufacturer who has years of experience managing supply chains before, during, and after CNY. There will be less headaches for you and your production line won't skip a beat!

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