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Spreading Holiday Cheer at East West Manufacturing!

Written by Jennifer Catalan | December 18, 2014

Each year during the holiday season, East West plans an exciting day around giving back to our community. Giving back is one of our core values and is important to each of our team members. Last year, East West boarded the Polar Express and spent the day caroling and shopping for our adopted family. We usually end the day with our annual Holiday party for the entire staff, though this year we decided to have break up our tradition into two separate parts. 

As in past years, East West chose the Belmont Village Senior Living facility to visit with the residents and sing Christmas carols, as well as donating items in need. We also wanted to make some Christmas magic happen for our "adopted" familiy, which consists of 12 children and 3 mothers, all who fled the Democratic Republic of Congo in search of a better life in the United States.

During our Thanksgiving Luncheon, each team member drew a shopping buddy. A budget was set and wish lists for each child and a group of Belmont Village residents were distributed to each team. Items on our adopted families list included clothes, shoes, and toys. Our seniors requested toiletries, blankets, hats, gloves, scarves, slippers, and socks. Each shopping team was responsible for shopping during their own time and tried to get as much off the wish lists as possible! One unlucky lucky EW team member (Cayla Haney) drew the red straw during our Merry Un-Thanksgiving Feast which made her the Santa for this year’s festivities.

On Monday, December 8th, the entire East West staff spent the morning wrapping gifts for our kids and Belmont Village residents. While some wrapped, others started decorating our Christmas tree in our lobby. After a couple of hours, it was time to go visit Belmont Village! We all sang Christmas carols and shared refreshments with the group. They were thrilled to have great company! We also wanted to give a gift to the seniors that they could enjoy year round, so East West donated a brand new popcorn machine they could use in their in-house theater when they watch movies. We had the popcorn machine popping and filling the air with the sweet smell of butter in no time! The East West team also enjoyed several nail-biting games of Bingo with the residents. It was a wonderful way to spend our afternoon!

The team headed back to the office for a little downtime before the family was scheduled to arrive. Around 5pm, the families arrived and got to visit with "Santa!" Their eyes lit up when they saw all the presents under the tree for them! After the great unwrapping party, we all made ornaments with the kids, raced around the office on their new razor scooter, and enjoyed some pizza and dessert. It was so nice to be able to share some Christmas magic with these children and hopefully make it one they won't forget!

Part 2 of East West's holiday celebration will consist of our annual Holiday party and a lot of surprises! We have a super fun event planned that involves team video challenges. Scott Ellyson, our CEO, has grouped the entire staff into separate teams and challenged each team to make a creative video that will be shown during our holiday party. We'll all be voting on the best team video and whichever team wins will get a prize! The party should be a great time and we'll be back to post an update, along with the funny videos, after the New Year!

The East West Manufacturing team wishes everyone a safe and happy Holiday season!