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Top 10 Engineering Websites for Engineers

Written by Andy Reese | September 20, 2016

Howdy! We have updated this blog post to reflect additional websites and smart phone apps now available. To read this updated post, click HERE!

I’m often amazed by the technical ability and extreme level of detail that engineers possess. Maybe because those are two traits I wish I had! Being surrounded by engineers daily, I’ve come to learn they are part detective as well. They live in a never-ending world of continuous learning. That’s the part I really like.

In a recent poll of our dozen or so engineers, I asked, “Where do you go to find an answer to a question?” Below is a list of some key engineering websites our engineers turn to when they need answers.


Good for trying to find resources to further understand engineering topics, as well as keeping up-to-date on engineering innovation. It can be used almost like a “classroom.”

2. Engineering Tool Box
Very helpful for finding ways to solve specific critical thinking problems. Also gives good general industry data/standard.
3. Solidworks Forums 
Very good resource for solidworks support.  


4. Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
Good website for finding out what’s going on in the manufacturing world, such as different types of technology and processes.
5. Wikipedia (one of my favorite replies)
Wikipedia tends to be very accurate with engineering information and proves to be a good resource for quick information/understanding of engineering topics, equations, visuals, etc.


6. Engineer Edge 
Full of great information about Design for Manufacturability. 


7. Engineer – Tips Forums 
Pick the engineering discipline, then check out the application forums under each. Great discussions and can learn a thing or two!


For Quality-Specific Information:

8. ASQ
Global community for all things quality.
9. SQC
Online statistical calculators for sampling.
10. Quality Digest 
Digital magazine covering current quality issues in multiple formats.

What about you -- do you have any favorites? What sites have you found to give you the best information?


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