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Top Robotics Blogs to Bookmark for 2017

Written by Patty Rasmussen | December 20, 2016

I’m old enough to remember when the word “robot” conjured up images of Rosie, the cartoon housekeeper for the Jetson family, or Robot B9 on Lost in Space. The idea seemed to be that robots would be large, metal human-like creations that would take over the menial or dangerous tasks humans no longer wanted to do.

These days, pop culture presents a much more nuanced and darker version of the robot – check out HBO’s Westworld or the BBC’s Humans and you’ll see what I mean.

Of course, robotics is more than the robots being built. It’s a field that relies on collaboration between the disciplines of engineering and science (note: they are not the same thing). Robotics requires vision and practicality, elegance of design and an understanding of construction and materials. Add in the speed with which technology is moving and you have an industry ripe for breakneck innovation.

To help you keep up with the world of robotics in 2017, we’ve compiled a list of great blogs to bookmark. And please let us know which ones we’ve missed by writing in the comments section below. 



About: “Robotiq’s mission is to free human hands from tedious tasks so companies and workers can focus where they truly create value. We achieve this by making flexible, plug & play robotic grippers and sensors. We further simplify and accelerate our customers’ robotics projects by connecting them with experts on DoF.robotiq.com, a community for automation professionals.”

Why we like it: How about a clean, easy-to-navigate site with plenty of photos? Oh, the content is good too. Robotiq hosts the DoF community on their website, where industrial automation professionals share their know-how and get answers. Added bonus: the site can be translated into French, German and English



Robotics Online 

About: “Robotics Online is sponsored by Robotic Industries Association, and provides information to help engineers, managers and executives apply and justify robotics and flexible automation. The site includes a Buyer’s Guide with a search engine function, plus industry insights, daily news updates, case studies, technical papers, event calendar, job openings, an ‘Ask the Experts’ forum, and much more.”

Why we like it: It’s basically the voice of the industry covering topics from STEM education to economic impact of robots to collaborations happening across disciplines.




About: Rodney Brooks founded RethinkRobotics “with the intent of providing an entirely new type of automation to manufacturers.  One that was safe to work next to without cages; easily and manually trainable by non-engineers; flexible enough to move quickly from job to job without an integrator; and affordable for companies of all sizes.”

Why we like it: Practical, inspiring posts about real people and robotic applications. We especially enjoyed the recent post about high schooler Sasha Wilkinson and the projects he’s worked on at Rethink during his non-school hours.  



Automaton Blog 

About: “IEEE Spectrum’s award-winning robotics blog, featuring news, articles, and videos on robots, humanoids, drones, automation, artificial intelligence, and more.”

Why we like it: Snappy writing, good photos and videos, and they post frequently.




About: “Robohub is a non-profit online communication platform that brings together experts in robotics research, start-ups, business, and education from across the globe. Our mission at Robohub is to connect the robotics community to the rest of the world. Content-area specialists curate all incoming articles to make sure that reporting is truthful, fair and balanced, and in-house editors ensure that all content meets the highest editorial standards for language and clarity.”

Why we like it: Though not a blog, Robohub serves as an excellent resource for all things robotic.


And because robotics and IoT often go hand in hand, check out our recent post – a compilation of the Top IoT Blogs to Bookmark for 2017


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