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January 07, 2013

An Upside Down Christmas for East West

The morning of Friday, December 14th, started out just like any other normal Friday at East West Manufacturing, although a Quarterly Review meeting was on the schedule for the entire staff. As the East West team gathered in the conference room, Jeff, EVP, noted that Scott, CEO, was running a little late. Jeff began to hand out a list of top ten...

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November 20, 2012

From Initial Design to an East West Quality Product

How does a product management flow work for a project at East West? How do we take an initial design and deliver a quality product to our customers?

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November 08, 2012

Why Vietnam?

There was a great article in Bloomberg News this morning that featured why Foreign Direct Investments of technology companies continue to grow in Vietnam. Both Intel and Samsung are two featured companies that are moving to or expanding operations in Vietnam. East West built the first of our three-factory-Vietnamese complex in 2006 for several...

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October 01, 2012

EW Can Help You Plan for CNY (Part II)

(This is Part II of our Chinese New Year planning installment. Click here to view Part I.)

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September 25, 2012

Are You Planning for CNY? (Part I)

(This is Part I of our Chinese New Year planning installment. Stay tuned for Part II next week.)

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August 17, 2012

The Power of the Private Label...

Is it right for you?

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August 15, 2012

"Do you guys do PCBA's?"

As Engineered Products Account Manager for East West Manufacturing, one of my primary responsibilities is to make sure our customer’s needs are being met on a daily basis. What makes each day unique is that our customers, many of whom we’ve been working with since the company started 11 years ago, serve such diverse industries. Our customers...

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August 14, 2012

Benefits of Offshore Manufacturing

July 16, 2012

"When should a company consider manufacturing offshore?"

This week a potential customer asked me, “When should a company consider to manufacture offshore?” For the short answer I offer three bits of advice:

  • When your product design has reached stability --- most changes have been worked out.
  • When you production run volumes are at least 3 to 4 times per year.
  • Economics. When your sales are strong...
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July 11, 2012

"What kind of 'metal' do you guys manufacture?"