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Why You Must Plan Early for Chinese New Year

May 19, 2017 by Patty Rasmussen

If you're a regular blog reader you might have read the title and said, "It's TOO EARLY to start reading about planning for Chinese New Year!" And you're sort of right.

It's true you don't have to get your orders in for Chinese New Year (CNY). That would be overkill. But it's not too early to look at the calendar and strategize about how to avoid hiccups in your product flow as a result of the holiday.

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Planning Ahead for 2017 Chinese Holidays

December 27, 2016 by Patty Rasmussen

Want to be more organized in 2017?

Pro tip: Stop what you’re doing right now and pull out your phone, tablet, planner and desk calendar and mark the upcoming Chinese holidays.

Often, Chinese holidays span more than one day. Being aware of the dates that are affected can help you better forecast your ordering needs and keep from experiencing delays. These dates can also affect business travel so let’s get cracking!

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Chinese New Year 2017 Order Deadline Calculator

September 22, 2016 by Jennifer Catalan

Chinese New Year 2017 is quickly approaching. Avoid a stockout situation during CNY 2017 by using our interactive CNY order deadline calculator below to find out when to place your order from China or Vietnam! Speak with your supplier about exact deadlines just to be safe.

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It's Time to Start Planning for Chinese New Year 2017!

September 13, 2016 by Mary-Kerstin Hassiotis

Chinese New Year 2017 is on January 28th. Time to start planning!

Wait a minute, you say. It's only September, you say. 

We know, we know. But this is a big deal, and if you're going to escape CNY unscathed, you need to start preparing now. We can feel you comparing us to those folks who hang their Christmas decorations before the leaves change colors, but you should trust us on this one. 

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Can a Manufacturer Protect My Intellectual Property (IP) in China?

August 25, 2016 by Mary-Kerstin Hassiotis

Let me guess – you’ve designed a killer product that you want to manufacture in China, but you’re worried that a cheaper version of your product will appear on Alibaba in a month. Your concern is valid – we are talking about China, the world’s leading purveyor of counterfeit goods. Who wants to spend the R+D dollars to then have their intellectual property (IP) stolen in a flash? Taking your IP to China will prove much smoother (and less risky) if you partner with a contract manufacturer (CM) who has been around the block a few times.

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5 Reasons Alibaba is the Wrong Place to Find a Supplier

March 10, 2016 by Mary-Kerstin Hassiotis

Unless your product is a shelf-stocked, run-of-the-mill commodity, Alibaba isn't the place to find your manufacturing partner – because that is just what you need: a partner. Small businesses often make hasty, emotion-induced decisions. This is the wrong approach. Objectivity becomes valuable when you're looking to forge a long-term relationship, not a short-sighted transaction. The site is alluring, approachable. The easy way out. Resist the urge! If you're serious about making a great quality product and building a successful business, find an experienced and reliable contract manufacturer to serve as your partner.

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6 Myths About Quality Control in Chinese Factories

February 11, 2016 by Mary-Kerstin Hassiotis

You've heard it all before: nothing but junk is made in China. While many low-cost and low-performing children's toys and other trinkets are indeed manufactured in China, many myths and misconceptions abound when it comes to quality control in Chinese factories. We're here to set the record straight. Good quality products can be and currently are made in China daily. 

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Chinese Holidays 2016: Planning to Prevent Business Delays

December 22, 2015 by Mary-Kerstin Hassiotis

If you do business in China, taking note of Chinese holidays is a must. While most American holidays are a single day, some Chinese holidays last one week or more. Plan your trips and meetings around major holidays like Chinese New Year (CNY) and Golden Week, during which business shuts down and traveling becomes a nightmare. If you will be in China leading up to CNY or Golden Week, bringing appropriate gifts to meetings would be appreciated.

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Fighting the Stigma of "Made in China"

October 13, 2015 by Mary-Kerstin Hassiotis

"Well, it was made in China, so of course it broke!" is a phrase I grew accustomed to hearing as a child. My mother would proclaim this sentiment, like clockwork, any time one of my toys crapped out after only a couple hours of play. Chinese-made products have gotten a bad rap for decades, as many consumers think they are cheap and of poor quality. While some items do fit this description (take counterfeit designer handbags, for instance), this accusation is far from accurate when it comes to higher-end consumer goods, particularly in the tech arena (here’s to you, iPhone). Major retail players like Coca-Cola, GE and Proctor & Gamble have been operating manufacturing facilities in China for years.

Below are a few arguments consumers make when it comes to discrediting items manufactured in China – arguments importers often find themselves up against when it comes time to market their Chinese-made products.

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12 Tips for Mastering Chinese Business Etiquette

October 08, 2015 by Mary-Kerstin Hassiotis

Are you planning to do business in China? Chances are that one step out of the Shanghai airport will have you shouting, “We’re not in Scranton anymore, Bob!” Adjusting to the hectic pace of Chinese urban centers is not the only challenge that lies ahead. Learning the nuances of Chinese business culture is a beast of its own. Before your plane touches down, review our 12 tips (+ 3 bonus tips) for mastering Chinese business etiquette so you can save face (see item #7) and increase your chances of success.

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