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    March 23, 2020

    What's In A Quality Plan and How To Create One

    Quality and cost are two of the top criteria most companies look at when seeking a contract manufacturer. The reasons are obvious. If your product doesn’t meet the definition of quality — defined by industry standards or the consumer — your product is doomed to failure. Every product development project — whether a new product or changes to an...

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    September 30, 2019

    How To Manage Quality Processes When Using a Contract Manufacturer

    When you’re in the U.S. and your manufacturer is in Asia, Mexico or some other remote location, how do you know you’ll enjoy sustainable high quality production throughout the life of your part or product?

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    May 08, 2018

    UL and ETL Certification Marks: What’s the Difference?

    Third party testing and certification is one of the most important and expensive decisions you'll make in the product development process. Certification marks — whether UL, ETL or some other entity — demonstrate that the testing facility has tested samples of the product and found that it met that entities' requirements. The mark guarantees the...

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    May 03, 2018

    Providing Helpful Feedback on Preproduction Samples

    There are few moments as thrilling as when you receive the first samples of your product. And while you might think "Whew! At last!" it’s really just the beginning.

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    March 22, 2018

    EC Motors and Reliability Testing: What You Should Know


    Reliability testing is an essential step in the manufacturing process of EC motors. Like any other quality process, reliability testing provides the pure data that helps drive the design and manufacture of the motors.

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    January 18, 2018

    How Engineering Support Can Affect Quality Control

    Here’s the scenario: You have a part that you’ve been making and selling but you’ve decided to put it out to quote. You send your drawings package and samples of the part to a contract manufacturer that has a reputation for providing quality engineering support. In reviewing the drawings, the project engineer picks up on a small but significant...

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    October 24, 2017

    Reduce Manufacturing Rework: Five Steps to Take

    Rework happens. 

    In fact, a 2013 study by the Lenox Institute of Technology of more than 100 industrial metal-cutting operations found that, “regardless of the percentage of machine uptime reported, respondents admitted that finished products don’t pass first inspection 20% of the time and require rework.”

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    August 31, 2017

    Maintaining Quality Control When Manufacturing Overseas

    Hindsight is 20/20. We’ve all heard that adage. But what if hindsight could become foresight? 

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    June 02, 2017

    7 Best Practices in the Return Merchandise Authorization Process 

    Returns. They're gonna happen. 

    You ordered one thing, but received another. Or maybe there was a defect in the product. Maybe what you thought you wanted wasn't really what you wanted. Whatever the reason, you need to return part or all of your shipment. What's your next step?

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    February 09, 2017

    Motor Reliability Testing: Does Your Contract Manufacturer Stack Up?

    Normally at the start of a manufacturing relationship, the contract manufacturer will ask the customer for a spec sheet — a report showing a variety of acceptable tolerances for the part or product. But if it’s a new product, or an older product that has undergone tweaks or changes through the years, there might not be a neat, up-to-date report.

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