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    April 17, 2018

    Looking for an EMS Supplier? Here's What You Need to Know

    Lower cost. That's the goal of every sourcing or procurement manager, right? Well, it's certainly one goal. But how is cost measured? How great is a cheaper part or component if you can't get it on time or it isn't up to spec? 

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    April 12, 2018

    Managing Long Lead Time Component Ordering

    Hey, we get it. No one, NO ONE, likes to wait. But there are ways to mitigate the potential delays in ordering electronic assemblies containing long lead time (LLT) components.

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    February 08, 2018

    Designing Electronics for Harsh Conditions

    We expect a lot from our products, especially our electronic products. Think about it: cellphones, wearables, medical devices — for some reason we think they should still work after being immersed in liquid, left outdoors in freezing temperatures or dropped on concrete from a standing position.

    Photo courtesy of Handheld

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    May 22, 2017

    How to Design Electronics for Harsh Environments

    Last year I upgraded my phone. It’s a beautiful phone – sleek, champagne colored. I love the feel of it. Unfortunately, I rarely see what the phone actually looks like because after purchase I immediately encased it in a hard plastic, optic yellow case with a turquoise blue rubber overlay.

    I did that because I know me. I will drop the phone...

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    March 02, 2017

    What’s the First Thing to Know When Designing a PCB?

    Here’s a question that came across my desk the other day: What’s the first thing to know when designing a printed circuit board (PCB)? In case you’re not hip to PCBs, let me assure you that you interact with them on a daily basis. They’re found in everything from dollar store toys to radios to continuous glucose monitoring systems.

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