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August 11, 2014

What's the Payback for Switching to EC Motors?

Let’s consider the average US grocery store for this EC Motor payback scenario. Maybe for you it is Publix, Kroger, Target, Winn-Dixie, Stop & Shop, Walmart, Albertson’s, Von’s, Safeway, Shoprite…

Did you know the average US Grocery Store has 300 EC Motors? Between reach-in coolers and walk-ins, evaporator and condenser, it equals roughly 300 motors per store.

So if you switched from a Shaded Pole Motor (let’s say 18% efficient) to an EC Motor (for argument sake, let’s just say it’s 65% efficient), how much money would you really save?

I don’t like word problems so I’ll try to make this simple enough that even I can understand.

If you are talking about a 12 Watt motor, running 24 hours per day (because grocery stores have to keep the food cold even when they are closed), where the price of electricity is .15 per kilowatt (kWh), here is the math...

Shaded Pole (18% Efficient)
15 cents x 12 watts output (means 66.67 watts input) x 24 hours in one day = 1.6 kWh or 24 cents per day! (One fan costs less than a quarter per day to operate. No big deal, right?)

Now let’s look at the new, more efficient kid on the block:
ECR Motor (65% Efficient)
15 cents x 12 watts output (means 18.46 watts input) x 24 hours in one day = .44 kWh or 7 cents per day!

So over the course of one year, saving 17 cents per motor will save you (365 x $.17) $62.05. Ok, are you still not convinced you need to switch? Now remember how many motors the ‘average’ US Grocery Store has? Right, 300. So now you are saving (300 x $62.05) = $18,615 in energy costs alone!

What if you owned just eight stores in your chain? Could you use another ($18,615 x 8 = $148,920) $150,000 PER YEAR coming of the expense line item in your operational cost just from switching to a more efficient motor? Rhetorical.

We have not even talked about the massive amount of CO2 we've removed from the environment and the fact that EC Motors last for 10 years!

Yes, EC Motors are initially more expensive to buy than a shaded pole motor. However, once you add in the long life of EC Motors you come out way ahead!

Curious to see if EC Motors are right for you? Click the image below to schedule a FREE consultation with an East West EC Motor expert to determine if switching to EC Motors is the best choice for you!

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