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    November 11, 2014

    In-House Tooling Offers Injection Mold Design to Your Specifications

    Located in our wholly-owned facility in Vietnam, East West's tool shop opened in 2013. We can now offer our customers the benefit of in-house tooling along with engineering support to help make tooling designs injection friendly. Our tooling shop was set up to serve the injection molding, blow molding and stamping industries. East West's tool shop houses state-of-the-art tooling equipment and provide the added benefit of controlled lead times and exceptional quality.

    What do our Tooling capabilities include?

    • Mechanical Parts for applications such as jigs, fixtures, machine components, assembly stations, and robot hands.


    • Injection Molding Spare Parts for applications in the Healthcare industry, pumps, appliances, hose fitings, and motors.


    • Injection Molding Tools to be used in medical applications, appliances, connectors, and motors. 


    • Blow Molding Tools used in PCO bottle neck applications.


    Our Mold Design Tooling Equipment Includes:

    • Finishing Mililng Machine
    • Rough Machine Miling Machine
    • WireCut Finishing
    • WIreCut High Speed
    • EDM CNC
    • Manual Milling
    • Manual Turning
    • Superdrill Machine
    • High rigidity vertical drilling machine

    Want to learn more about our In-House Tooling capabilities? Check out our Tooling page with more information here or simply give us a call at 404.252.9441!

    FREE Guide: The Benefits of Partnering with a CM Who has In-House Tooling

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