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February 24, 2023
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Case Study: AI-Powered Greenhouse Lighting Producers

Inspired by nature, Sollum’s state-of-the-art LED fixture is an AI-powered computer providing exceptional spectral quality. In tandem with its smart LED fixture, the cloud-based SUN as a Service® platform uses smart algorithms to create an infinite number of light recipes that can be adapted to any type of crop, as well as mixed production systems, for controlled environment cultivation. Sollum provides unparalleled value in terms of energy savings, productivity, and superior quality produce, thereby meeting a higher standard for local and sustainable agriculture.


  • Capacity to scale: Sollum was looking for a partner who could manufacture their initial smaller production run but could also grow with them

  • Critical deadlines: Meet strict deadlines so that producers can stay on track during the growing season.

  • Cost and Supply Chain: Keep the cost of manufacturing competitive and ensure product would be delivered on time

  • High-Quality: Maintain and foster a reputation for world-class quality


  • Competitive pricing
  • Seamless New Product Introduction into mass production
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management
  • World-Class Quality Control Lot Traceability


Sollum Technologies needed a manufacturing partner who could quickly ramp from NPI to
mass production. During Sollum’s first year of working with East West, the company grew its production by 40 times and is forecast to grow an additional 200% in the upcoming year. Given its unprecedented growth, the Canadian-based company is currently looking at expanding into more global markets; East West can support this expansion thanks to its numerous manufacturing operations.

Sollum needed an honest and transparent team that would communicate proactively during
times of a challenging global supply chain. East West was not only able to provide Sollum
with competitive pricing to help them enter their new market, but also helped Sollum meet
critical delivery deadlines to get products in their customers’ greenhouses before the growing season began.

With East West’s Quality process and lot traceability, Sollum can follow each light sensor and unit precisely in addition to monitoring each component remotely to ensure the products to ensure that product function is optimal. With a strong manufacturing partner behind them, Sollum looks forward to expanding its market in the US and beyond.

“We feel like we have a solid partner in East West that can help us
grow in many areas of our business. Sollum has been able to leverage
the team in manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain to the benefit
of our products. We’ve always felt like East West was an extension of
our own people and have complete trust and confidence in the
East West team that they are going to make things happen.”

-Louis Brun; CEO & President
Sollum Technologies


By partnering with East West Manufacturing, Sollum Technologies was able to grow its production by 40 times in the first year. This partnership ensures that the needs of customers for a reliable, high quality, sustainable lighting solution will continue to be met as the company expands.

Sollum looks to leverage East West’s wide range of manufacturing capabilities, engineering, and design services while continuing to revolutionize the horticultural lighting industry with the next generation of smart, AI-powered, lighting solutions.


Sollum Technologies, a Canadian-based company, offers greenhouse producers the only
Smart LED lighting solution that dynamically recreates, perfects, and modulates the full spectrum of the Sun’s natural light.

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