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Patty Rasmussen

Patty Rasmussen
Patty is the Content Creator on the East West marketing team. She writes blog posts and enjoys sharing the East West message across social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).
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February 22, 2018

Why Did My Quote Change?

Of all the questions we hear, "why did my quote change" is one of the simplest and toughest to answer. The quote changed because of...well...change. But the reasons for the change can be complicated. In fact there might be more than one reason why your quote changed. Let's take a look at some of the factors that can cause an adjustment to your...

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February 20, 2018

Logistics, Manufacturing Workforce & Tesla in Orbit: A Content Roundup

Once again, we've pulled together some links to stories that caught our eye in everything from distribution and logistics to the skills gap in manufacturing and the "final frontier." Hope you enjoy! 

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February 15, 2018

Protecting Your IP By Using a Contract Manufacturer

Every year the US-China Business Council surveys its membership about areas of concern, business performance in China and priority issues.

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February 13, 2018

6 Questions to Assess Your Company's IoT Readiness

I don’t know if it’s the time of year or what but my emailbox and Twitter feeds are suddenly filled with stories about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT or Industrial Internet) and what that means to manufacturing as we know it.


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February 08, 2018

Designing Electronics for Harsh Conditions

We expect a lot from our products, especially our electronic products. Think about it: cellphones, wearables, medical devices — for some reason we think they should still work after being immersed in liquid, left outdoors in freezing temperatures or dropped on concrete from a standing position.

Photo courtesy of Handheld

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February 06, 2018

Why You Should Invest In Package Testing

A couple weeks ago we wrote about the importance of product testing, but have you ever thought about why you should invest in package testing?

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February 01, 2018

How to Create a Supply Chain Innovation Strategy [Infographic]

Last year we wrote about preparing your company for the supply chain disruptors described in one white paper as a "tsunami of new technology." 

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January 30, 2018

Making a Better Product: Value Engineering or Product Redesign? 

No matter the complexity, manufacturers are always looking for ways to reduce the cost of making things, and sometimes they end up with a better product as a result. That process is called value engineering. And yes, it's possible to make a better product through value engineering, especially if you ask a lot of the right questions.

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January 25, 2018

Know the Signs of Cyberattack: Securing Your Supply Chain

If you haven’t done it already, the beginning of the year is a great time to review what went right and what went wrong with your company’s ability to protect itself from cyberattack. Maybe you were one of the lucky companies that wasn’t hit by the NotPetya or Wanna Cry attacks in 2017. Maybe it even had to do with maintaining a strong cyber...

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January 23, 2018

Which Type Shipping Container Should I Use?

We know you're excited about this topic but try to contain yourself! (Ha! That’s a little inside shipping humor from our customer account analyst, Allison)

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