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Case Study: East West Customer Portal Actually Saves the Day!

June 18, 2015 by Andy Reese

A self-service customer portal can actually keep your supply chain from avoiding disruptions.  It’s true and I’ve seen it work first hand.

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East West Manufacturing Launches New Customer Portal!

May 28, 2015 by Jennifer Catalan

We strive to make our customers jobs easier at East West Manufacturing! Over the past several months, our IT and Customer Service teams have been hard at work to develop a new customer portal that will provide our customers with real-time support for their orders and shipments. Of course, the East West Customer Support team is always just a phone call or email away should our customers need us. 

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East West Manufacturing Supports "Show Your Stripes"

January 22, 2014 by Jennifer Catalan

As seen on PRWeb and The International Business Times:

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Benefits of Using East West VMI

November 18, 2013 by Jennifer Catalan

One of our goals at East West is to make your business as successful as possible while helping you increase your bottom line. Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) is one of the many services offered by East West Manufacturing to help you do just that.

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An Important Tool: The East West Customer Portal

July 15, 2013 by Jennifer Catalan

Have you ever wondered when a shipment is going to arrive or how you could get a packing list for a container that is about to deliver? Have you ever wondered what an item carton quantity is and its export carton size and weight? Have you ever needed a copy of an Order Confirmation or needed to print out an invoice? The East West Manufacturing Customer Portal has all of this information available to you without leaving your desk or even making a phone call and it's as easy as logging into Facebook. With this secure website you can view a wide range of reports specific to your company.

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All Aboard: A Port Tour with East West

July 08, 2013 by Jennifer Catalan

Have you ever wondered how goods from across the world make the long journey into the U.S.? A Logistics Manager with East West had a rare opportunity to visit the busy Port of Charleston and get a first-hand look at the exciting import industry. Her story is below:

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East West Container Wizard Nominated for TAG Award!

June 13, 2013 by Jennifer Catalan

East West Manufacturing' s Container WizardTM was recently nominated for the TAG SSA Impact Awards! The nominations and finalists were decided by the TAG Southeastern Software Association (SSA), one of the founding members of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). East West Manufacturing was one of five finalists in the Corporate Internal Software Development category, along with AT&T Mobility, Kennesaw State University, LeasePlan USA, and Manheim. Lorrie Hendrickson, East West IT Manager, created the in-house Container WizardTM to help customers plan full container loads to maximize loading efficiency and freight costs. The Container WizardTM allows customers to create a new order or even make changes to existing orders via an easy-to-use tool. For more information about East West's Container WizardTM, visit our customer tools webpage.

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Seriously, What is Chinese New Year?

February 04, 2013 by Jennifer Catalan

A few months ago I spent some time in California visiting customers and preaching preparation for the upcoming Chinese New Year. On the return trip from San Francisco, I got the question, “Seriously, what is Chinese New Year?” After the two minute supply chain planning speech, it turned to culture. This guy wanted to know what it meant to people in China. So, here’s what we covered:

Chinese New Year is an annual celebration marking the start of the New Year according to the Chinese lunar calendar. In 2013, Chinese New Year begins on February 10th. Each Chinese new year is represented by 1 of the 12 creatures of the Chinese Zodiac – 2013 is the year of the Snake.

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What Does East West Manufacturing Do?

January 14, 2013 by Jennifer Catalan

How could you describe what East West Manufacturing does in less than 60 seconds? We think the short video below does a great job highlighting the many services East West offers!

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An Upside Down Christmas for East West

January 07, 2013 by Jennifer Catalan

The morning of Friday, December 14th, started out just like any other normal Friday at East West Manufacturing, although a Quarterly Review meeting was on the schedule for the entire staff. As the East West team gathered in the conference room, Jeff, EVP, noted that Scott, CEO, was running a little late. Jeff began to hand out a list of top ten goals for 2012 to review when not 5 minutes later, Scott walks through the door dressed as Santa!

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