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March 19, 2015

3 Quick Ways to Fail Your Made in China, In a Hurry!

If you manufacture in China and want to fail faster than the next boutique cupcake shop in your hometown, follow these quick three tips!


1. Pick the Cheapest Supplier

Because the cheapest is always the best (insert satire here).  In Marketing services a good provider will say, “Good.  Fast.  Cheap.  Pick two!”  A Stihl chainsaw will cost you two or three times the base mass merchant model and will be worth every penny in the long run.  Same thing when choosing an overseas supplier.  Cheap will rarely bring you long term value.  Cheap will bring you poor quality, high returns, and unhappy customers.  You have many opportunities to delight your customers but you usually get just one chance to fail them.  There is plenty of competition and they will turn their backs on your business.  As I’ve heard before, “When you have the only hotdog stand in town your hot dogs don’t have to be that good!”

Tip: If it’s too good to be true…  Understand the value you are paying for.

2. Go At It Alone  

Buying online is great, as long as you have an easy and efficient return policy.  Buying online from China does not provide the same buyer protection as eBay or Amazon.  There are tons of articles that say buying online (without going to China to meet the company manufacturing your products) is the way to go.  Easy for them because their business is research!  Your business counts on the product to be right. 

Tip: Work with a company that understands Made in China, Manufacturing (NOT Sourcing).  Think of it as buying insurance.  If you can insure the livelihood of your business, wouldn’t you?

3. Don’t inspect your products! 

Don't assume the quality is great because the supplier in China says so.  Or to mitigate that risk, ask for CURRENT quality metrics and work with a company that is transparent about their quality system and has data to verify that it is being implemented on a daily basis.  There is no substitute for diligently ensuring your products are in spec before they leave.  It's best to catch any issues at the source!

Tip: You can Plan to Fail or Fail to Plan.  Make sure you have Western Quality Standards and Feet on the Street to inspect each shipment.

China is still a great place to have your products made, assuming you do your due dilligence! Check out our other blogs posts:

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