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    January 16, 2019

    A Manufacturer's Guide to International Holidays

    We talk a lot on this blog about Chinese New Year and for good reason! It’s a major multi-week holiday that puts production at a complete standstill, and if companies do not properly prepare, it could cause major headaches.

    It’s not just Chinese New Year, though. There are a multitude of other holidays that need to be taken into consideration when planning your production schedule, especially when many businesses are now exploring manufacturing in other countries as they diversify their supply chain and ease the burden of the new China tariffs.

    Because we want to help ensure your production operates as smoothly as possible, we have created a guide containing important holidays you must know when manufacturing offshore or nearshore.

    This free download covers yearly national celebrations in some of the most popular countries companies outsource to: China, Vietnam, India and Costa Rica. Take a tip from the pros here, if you’re doing business in one of these countries, make sure you set these dates as a yearly reminder on your calendar and plan accordingly.


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