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Andy Reese

Andy Reese
Andy Reese leads Marketing and Business Development at East West Manufacturing. Providing strategy and data driven results.
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April 23, 2020

Why You Should Switch Manufacturers & Diversify

When we meet new customers who are considering switching to a new global contract manufacturing services company, the reason they are looking typically falls into one of four buckets. It used to be just three, but the world continues to change, and good contract manufacturers change with it. Of course, there are more than four reasons. These are...

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April 23, 2020

4 Reasons Why Production Tooling is Late

After spending months or perhaps years of blood, sweat and tears on the development of your product, the wait between achieving your Production CAD Release milestone and that holiday-like buzz of unwrapping your first off-tool parts can be excruciating. Despite today's same-day delivery mindset, creating a tool still follows the same general...

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April 16, 2020

Is my EMS CM also an ODM?

Working with engineers is very similar to working with military personnel in that to communicate effectively, you need to learn acronyms quickly!  Follow along:

An ID firm can create the concept and DS (or DMS) produces the drawings you need for a CM to manufacture your product. OEMs work with CMs to bolster their supply chain. If your OEM produces...

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August 16, 2016

How Much Will It Cost to Manufacture My Product?

As a global contract manufacturer, we get asked a whole lot of questions, but one is more common than all the rest. Hands down, the most asked question is: "How much will it cost to manufacture my product?" This probably isn't too surprising, since most big decisions come down to cost in the end. The answer is a good ol' catch-22: simple, yet...

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March 17, 2015

Sand Casting or Die Casting: Which One Is Right For Me?

Sand Casting is the process of forming steel products with a mold made of sand, or silica based products than can packed into a tight mold to create a smooth surface.  Molten metal is poured into mold which sets up fairly quickly.  Engine Blocks, Manifolds, and literally hundreds of metal products are still manufactured this way to.

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January 27, 2015

Cheap Oil Prices Are Just One Factor in the Onshore/Offshore Debate

Will cheap oil prices (Energy) drive more companies to move production back to the US?  Or how much more does it cost companies to keep manufacturing in the U.S?  That is the real question!

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December 16, 2014

The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Switch Manufacturers

When we meet new clients who are considering switching to a new contract manufacturing services company, the reason they are looking typically falls into one of three buckets. Of course there are more than three reasons, but on the surface these are the most frequent motives why they are considering to switch manufacturers:

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