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June 18, 2013

Jeff Sweeney Presents "Right-Shoring" at Subcon in the UK!

Jeff Sweeney, East West Manufacturing Co-Founder, speaks to the crowd at this year's Subcon Trade Show in the UK about Right-Shoring! Subcon is the UK's premiere sub-contractor manufacturing trade show and was hosted in Birmingham, UK, in early June.


Jeff Sweeney of East West Manufacturing Jeff Sweeney, Co-Founder of East West Manufacturing, addresses the crowds

Taking the "Right-Shoring" message overseas, Jeff was invited to speak to the crowd at the 2013 Subcon Trade Show. Right Shoring is finding the ideal geographic location to manufacture components, sub assemblies, or finished products strategically around the globe. As companies that implements offshore manufacturing to complement its domestic operations achieves a competitive advantage and often, growth!

While companies have been 'off-shoring' for years, and re-shoring has been the hot topic for 2013, right-shoring simply asks, "Where is the best place to make something?" For over a dozen years, East West Manufacturing has been answering this question for its US and European customers. Competitiveness in not a uniquely American ideology. As the European Union continues to battle back from it's own financial crisis, countries continue to gain a competitive advantage.

Drawing an analogy from the automotive world, where US autos contain components from Mexico, Canada, Europe, Taiwan, Michigan, and even Pennsylvania, Jeff discussed the global supply chain of proud British manufacturers like Jaguar and Land Rover. Electronics, Electrical Assemblies, sheet-metal, cold-headed fasteners, wire harnesses, rubber components and bushings are not only sourced globally, but then Land Rovers themselves are sold as finished goods to the corners of the earth! While certain components are made in the UK, others come from somewhere else in the world. Without that competitive advantage, would Land Rover be the global brand that it is today?


UK Global Supply Chain Jeff Sweeney's Right-Shoring example of UK Global Supply Chain

In today's very competitive, lean, automated, global business landscape, the need to source and make things in the right place has never been more important. That message, like competitiveness, is not uniquely an American way of thinking. One factor in helping the EU regain its foothold in a new very global economy, is Right-Shoring.

Sometimes the best place to make your product is in Birmingham, Alabama, Birmingham, UK, Vietnam, or maybe a combination of some or all. If you wonder if Right-Shoring is a good fit for your manufacturing organization, please give me a call. I'd be happy to talk with you more about Right-Shoring.


Jeff Sweeney
Executive Vice President 
East West Manufacturing



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