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March 27, 2014

Is Your Global Supply Chain Quality Trustworthy?

Wouldn't it be great for your company to be on CBS, ABC, USA Today, Time, CNN, and most local affiliates on the very same day? Absolutely! Unless of course the US Consumer Product Safety Commission just announced a recall of your product. Wal-Mart announced a recall of nearly 175,00 children’s dolls because the toys could overhead and potentially burn children.

That kind of press could kill your company in one day. The question to ask is: How do you ensure this doesn't happen to you?

The answer: You need a transparent and trustworthy supply chain. From the component level to the finished goods, you need a plan.

East West Quality

Global supply chain quality is an ongoing process, not an event. You cannot write a manual and distribute it around the globe. The process starts with a well-defined plan: A Global Quality Plan. That plan becomes part of your culture as it rolls out and becomes intertwined with the manufacturing processes of your company. Yes it takes time, but you have to have an action plan for quality. The playbook is just the beginning.

Melissa Xue, Global Quality Manager at East West, says, “Quality is a process – an ongoing process that should never end. A continuous improvement plan, a system to inspect incoming raw materials, in production components, sampling testing final assembly, and inspecting finished goods are absolutely essential to create and maintain a world class quality program.”

East West QualityThis quality process must be in place whether you manufacture in the US or Vietnam. “You can expect what you inspect” is attributed to William Deming, an American professor who promoted the Plan-Do-Check-Act, later known as the Deming Cycle for quality continuous improvement. Anything critical to the success of your business is inspected. You do not hire the cheapest accounting firm to audit your financials, you find the best, most capable to inspect the P&L.

What should you do to ensure your product makes the news for its quality not lack thereof:

  • Insist on a transparent supply chain partner
  • Go visit
  • Ask for ongoing data – inspection
  • Demand quality
  • Partner with like-minded and similar value organizations

Manufacturing your product should never be an unknown variable. Surprises are fun at birthdays, not when you open a box or container of your merchandise. Your product is as good as your entire supply chain. Don’t trust it with just anyone.

Contact East West to learn more about our World Class Quality System and how we can help you.

Jeff Sweeney
Executive Vice President
East West Manufacturing

404.252.9441 | www.ewmfg.com | info@ewmfg.com

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