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January 19, 2016
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13 Questions to Expect After Submitting Product Design Drawing Package

You've completed your product design drawings, squared away your IP and are now prepared to submit an RFQ to a contract manufacturer. You may feel like the bulk of your work is done, but your contract manufacturer will likely have additional questions for you before the formal quoting process can get started.Here is what actually happens: After submitting a drawing package for quotation, your contract manufacturer's sales and technical teams will review the drawings and will then most likely schedule a call to ask some clarifying questions. Knowing exactly what to expect ahead of this call will give you time to gather information and tie up those loose ends that may not have even been on your radar. Keep reading to find out the 13 questions we, the contract manufacturer, would be asking you on this call.

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1 |  What are your estimated annual usages for years 1, 3 and 5?
2 |  When can you provide samples?
3 |  What mating parts (if any) will be part of the assembly or sub-assembly?
4 |  Which dimensional tolerances are critical to functionality? If critical (and not easily measured), can you provide mating parts or gages?
5 |  What current inspection criteria do you have (if any)?
6 |  What regulatory requirements are involved with this product (FDA, UL, CE, RoHS, etc.)?
7 |  How does the end consumer use the product? Do you have reviews of current or competitive product online?
8 |  What is the anticipated lifespan of the product?
9 |  Are surface finishes or coatings clearly defined?
10 |  Is packaging clearly defined?
11 |  What PPAP level is required?
12 |  Clarification on any missing dimensions
13 |  Permission to quote China-equivalent components and raw materials

Ensuring you have answers to these questions ready in advance will help move the quotation process along at a more favorable pace. Of course if you have any questions for your CM, this initial post-drawing-submission call is a great time to rattle them off. On the same page is the best place for all parties to find themselves pre-quotation.

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